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Commercial Solar power is hitting Australia in a big way.

After years of a booming residential solar market, solar companies have now set their sites on the commercial solar industry.

Many businesses have two things that make them perfect for solar:

  • Large roof top spaces
  • Large day-time electricity usage

Solar Energy provider Got to Go Solar has made the switch from supplying mostly residential solar energy systems to supplying and installing commercial solar power systems. Their commercial solar leasing plans allow businesses to start saving from day one.


ZeroGen is a green energy project born out of a passion for solar. Our goal at ZeroGen is to push Australian\’s towards a renewable-based power generation model. Essentially we are taking the RET and blowing it up through the education and support of emerging technologies in the energy industry.

Zerogen is Aaron Smith’s website he usually works at a SEO Sydney company called Net Spring, helping businesses get return on their online marketing efforts. Aaron highly recommends solar power for business, not only for the savings it provides, it also has a great impact on the business image.

Reduce Electricity Usage

Nothing beats reducing electricity usage – it is by far the easiest way to reduce household expenses by reducing your energy bills. There are two ways you can reduce power usage.

  1. Habits – By changing some of our day-to day habits we can save a huge amount of power usage, this means switching off lights and devices, using one fridge instead of two, using cold water in the washing machine and so on. Although this may be boring, if you want reduce your costs, it’s well worth the extra effort.
  2. Technology – things like power boards that switch off after inactivity, and eco-friendly light bulbs. These innovations put less strain on your lifestyle, while still saving energy and money in the long run.

A Roof Full of Panels

Solar Power is by far the most developed and used renewable energy source in Australia. This is what it’s all about – kick-start your energy (and money) saving by getting solar installed today. You slash you power bills by up to 70% – depending on the system size and your usage habits, and as time goes on and technologies such as battery storage becomes efficient and affordable, we will see that solar energy is certainly the most promising of all renewables. The cost of getting a solar electricity system is still partially incentivised by the STC system which involves the issuing of renewable energy certificates which can be sold on the op market to companies that burn carbon to produce energy. Everybody from Sydney to Perth is getting a solar system  installed. Get a quote today and start saving investing.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems are extremely inefficient – discover how you can save cash by reducing your energy bills with hybrid solar water heaters. These types of systems can be very effective in heating water as they use solar to heat the water but have a fallback to either gas or electric systems. Most people would say that is you have access to Gas then solar water heaters aren’t really worth the return on investment, however with increasing gas prices and the fact that you still get incentives through the Federal STC program – these system may still be worth it if you are on Gas. Some states also still provide incentives (like Victoria), but some do not such as NSW and QLD. To find out if your State still provides incentives visit the respective page on our site.

Removing the Asbestos Environmental Risk

Asbestos is actually a mineral, but the products made out of it, like insulation, were fibrous. It is very easy for a few of these fibers to detach themselves and get accidentally inhaled. That inhalation is what starts the progress of the disease. If you need to find asbestos removal Sydney visit the Asbestos Clear website and search your local area. Even people who do not get cancer, and not all of them do, may develop another condition called asbestosis. This is an inflammatory lung condition that can make it hard to breathe, scar lungs, and cause coughing and a shortness of breath. Scientific evidence is currently inconclusive, but exposure to asbestos may also cause some other types of lung and other internal diseases as well. Who Is Most At Risk For Exposure To Asbestos? People who work with this material are at the greatest risk. These days, there are professionals who are very busy removing this material from older buildings but they know how to protect themselves from contamination. However, before the dangers were exposed, many workers developed lung problems because they were not protected from the fibers. Their families also got exposed as these workers carried fibers home on their clothes or in their hair. Sometimes it took decades after the initial exposure for children or spouses of the workers to display symptoms. Are You Worried About Asbestos In Your House Or Building? Typically, just being in the same building with asbestos will not cause a problem. However, if that material that contains this mineral ever gets disturbed, you do risk fibers getting loose. If these fibers are not trapped by a filter, they could make it into the indoor air supply in your house or office building. Get Professionals To Test For Asbestos Don’t try to take samples or disturb the asbestos yourself. Instead, you need to call a professional asbestos company to tell you if your building materials are contaminated. If they are, you also need to hire asbestos removal brisbane professionals in order to remove it for you. This is absolutely not a DIY type of job because professionals know how to protect themselves as they work, and you probably don’t.

One of the companies that we have recently worked with – have sent me some interesting points regarding asbsstos removal. We were recently working on a job where we came accross some broken asbestos on another part the property. Now although we are not cerified asbestos inspectors, I know what the stuff looks like. So I felt an obligation to report it to the customer. As the had a family, that didn’t hesitate in calling Fresh and Clear to remove the threat.

Solar electricity is obtained once the sun rays are converted into usable energy by use of solar panels. What is great is that the solar panels can still generate energy even when the sky is cloudy. The sun produces renewable energy that is much more practical for human being to use.

Benefits of installing solar electricity panels.

Fuel needed to produce electricity traditionally continues to rise thus directly affecting rising cost of electricity. The great thing about sunlight is that it is free so you only need the initial costs of buying and setting up the equipment( Which will be offset with time) and after that, you can now start enjoying the delight that comes with not having to expect an electricity bill every end of the month.You can then channel that money to other useful causes.

The government pays you for production of solar electricity from your solar system by using a feed-in tariff even when you are the one using it. This is a reward for having initiative to produce a green electricity that emits zero carbon gases that could be harmful to the environment. You have to pass an eligibility test though before you can start earning from the tariff. Your equipment and the installing company or person must be certified and you must also have a performance certificate with a rate of D and above.

If your equipment produces much more solar electricity than you can use up, you can sell the electricity back to the grid. This is through a system called net metering. Therefore, instead of letting the electricity that you have produced in surplus go to waste, you can get credits and sell the credits to brokers who in turn sell the credits to large utilities. Producers can get anywhere between 200 to 300 dollars per megawatt hour of energy produced in a year. Massive Solar installs solar power in Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

By use of solar electricity, you can greatly contribute towards prevention of emission of harmful gases to the environment. Almost everything in the modern society in requires use of electricity which means that the demand fro electricity will always have an upward demand curve.Traditional sources of electricity like oil and coal have been a continual source of green house gases that build up in the atmosphere. The sources are also prone to depletion unlike sunlight which will always be available. These gases have contributed largely to global warming which can reduce the quality of life in years to come.

Solar electricity is a much more viable source of electricity. It is great for the environment and for the consumer too.t.

Reducing Energy Use in the Home

There are also a few other ways to reduce energy use in the home. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Run one newer (larger) eco-friendly fridge rather than two older fridges – lots of people have their old fridge as a second fridge in the garage – this soaks up a huge amount of power.
  • Get external roller shutters. Design Roller Shutters Sydney believes that installing external roller shutters can improve your home’s insulation by blocking out sunlight and keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in Winter.
  • Try to use things like the washing machine and dishwasher during off-peak times, so put the dishwasher on before going to bed rather than right after dinner. (or even better wash by hand when there’s not a huge amount).

Whether you are remodeling your existing home or building a new home, take the time to carefully plan out your energy efficiency in the home. You will be rewarded with lower energy costs and a more comfortable home once your construction is completed.