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In the last 10 years, Australia has gone bonkers over residential Solar.

The combination of increasing energy prices and healthy government incentives has driven Australia to be one of the leading countries (per-capita) in regards to rooftop solar panels.

The Australian government has put together a spot-on website that highlights the ins and outs of purchasing green energy systems for your home.

With the increasing cost of electricity, it is not surprising that more and more homeowners are considering a more practical and cost-effective means to power their household appliances. By using green energy systems, it is possible to obtain electricity from a renewable source of energy on the planet – the sun. These systems contain several components that receive sunlight and convert that energy into AC electricity used to run various appliances and lighting in your home. Thus, you no longer need to depend on your utility provider since solar p.v offers you an alternative source of electricity.

Being a renewable source of energy, SolarPV has gained popularity over the years as one of the best alternative energy sources. Instead of spending a lot of money on high electric bills, experts advise consumers, especially those who consume significant amounts of energy every day, to use of renewable energy sources. The conversion of solar energy to consumable electricity requires, however, a solar system be installed on your home. P.V panels work to absorb the energy coming from the sun, convert them into electricity and preserve them for use. Although these systems are known to be expensive, there are several reasons why you should consider using this method.

There are two types of solar power systems – the grid-connect and standalone. With the grid connect system, the module is connected to a local utility network. Throughout the day, the amount of electricity generated by the system may be used as needed, or it may be sold to your local electricity supply company. At night, power is transported back from the utility, so you can use it to power your appliances. Hence, the grid serves as the storage of energy, and this eliminates the need to purchase a battery storage.

Ideally, rooftop systems are installed in sloping rooftops, and the PV modules are mounted securely using frames. There are available PV roof tiles that can be placed on your roof as regular tiles. You may also incorporate solar panels as canopies and facades, among a few other applications.

On the other hand, standalone PV systems are used to provide solar electricity to sites where it may be difficult to connect to grid power supplies. In this case, batteries are used as backup or energy storage for power during outages.

cost of solar power

1. Environment-friendly electric conversion

Unlike other alternative energy sources like coal and natural gas, solar PV conversion does not cause any damage to the environment. There is no release of any dangerous gas, fluid or any other pollutant. While cutting your electric bill expenses down, you help save Mother Earth with solar electricity.


2. Little maintenance work

Being durable and sturdy, little maintenance work is required for solar modules. At most, regular annual maintenance is conducted by experts to make sure that your system is functioning efficiently.


3. Silent yet efficient

The process of converting solar energy into consumable electricity does not produce loud sounds that can irritate your ears. The conversion is very silent and often unnoticeable.


4. Accessible in remote areas

In places where extending electric power grid is too expensive, resorting to PV systems is advisable as the use of wires and connectors are very minimal.


5. Can be used to charge batteries

Batteries which can be used in emergency situations and during power black outs can be effectively charged using solar panels.



1. Not practical in certain places

It is not practical in places where there is unreliable climate. Remember, it only works when the sun is out.


2. Does not work at night

Since the sun is not around at night, solar electricity cannot be used. So power needs to be taken from the Grid.