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The price of electricity in Brisbane rose by 68% from June 2007 to June 2012 while a 16% increase occurred between July 2012 and June 2013. The estimated increase in coming months may be as high as 22% and it may keep on rising for years. Households throughout Queensland should invest in solar to reduce their energy expenses on energy. Investing in SolarPV now is a good idea because the solar rebate provided by the federal government is under review. The rebate is a subsidy on the solar system you buy based on the electricity this system generates. Currently, households can get this subsidy through the Energy Target Program but this program may not be there after the review is complete. Purchase your equipment today so that you can take advantage of this rebate while it is still there.

Benefits of Acting Today

Statistics show that you can make enormous gains if you invest in your system as soon as possible. For example, you can direct any excess energy you produce to the grid. Doing so would earn you as much as 16 cents per KW each hour. You can break this down into 8 cents per KW each hour and 6 to 8 cents per KW each hour as contributed by electricity distributors and electricity retailers respectively. The limit for solar power is 5KW for each system in a single premise. It is also important for you to note that customers of Energex will no longer receive distributor contributions of 8 cents per KW each hour as from July 1 this year. You should also invest in solar power as soon as possible because of the internal rate of return associated with this investment.

The respective internal rates of return for various areas in Queensland as follows: 21.8% in Townsville, 21.0% in Gladstone, 20.2% in Mackay, 20.1% in Cairns and 19.2% in Bundaberg.

Switch to Solar Energy

Queensland offers a number of incentives for you to switch to solar power. Some of these incentives include attractive tariffs such as those mentioned above and low prices on leading brands and manufacturers. A simple shift to an entry level 1.5KW system on a roof that faces north can save you hundreds of dollars while an entry level 5KW system can save you thousands. Switch over to producing this clean green energy today. It will save you money as well as earn you 16c per KW each hour for any surplus electricity you produce.

There are two main ways in which solar electricity works. The solar energy can be tapped directly from the sun as photovoltaic. They convert sunlight into electric current by use of photoelectric effects. This type of power is essential for domestic application. Concentrated solar power can also be used to produce electricity. This is where objects like mirror or any large surface is used in trapping sunlight into a small beam. This is usually used in boiling water which then produces electricity.

Getting Solar Panels in Brisbane

When using photovoltaic system, solar cells are used to produce direct current which varies with the rate of light irradiation. Desired voltage level or alternating current is converted using inverters. Several solar cells are connected inside the wired modules. These modules when wired together form arrays which are tied to the inverters and they produce electricity in desired level of voltage and frequency. In some cases, these arrays are arranged to form a grid especially where there is high demand of electricity. Power generators and batteries can be incorporated in the system for electricity back-up purposes. In this case, the system works as stand alone.

In the case of concentrating the sun’s energy, lenses and other tracking devices are used. They focus on larger surface of sunlight and direct the power into a small device known as a beam. The concentrated heat is used to form a power plant. There are several technologies that are used in concentrating the sun’s energy. They include sterling dishes, solar power tower, parabolic trough among others. Once the power is concentrated into a beam, it is used to heat the substance called working fluid. This fluid is then used to generate power and in some cases they are used in energy storage. Among all the technologies, solar power towers are the most preferred. They are economical, highly efficient and have high energy storage capacity.