Solar Energy Quotes in Sydney NSW

The prices of electricity have been skyrocketing, especially in New South Wales. However, people in Sydney and other parts if the state have made a wise decision by adopting the use of SolarPV to bring down the power bill of your household. 

Federal Government Rebate/ Incentive

The Federal Government, through the Renewable Energy Target scheme (RET), subsidises the costs associated with the purchase of the equipment. It does this through the STC scheme, which provides discounts for purchases of the equipment by incorporating a value in the form of “certificates”. The amount of discount that one can get depends on the total output of the solar energy system they purchase.

However, there is uncertainty in the future of these subsidies, since the RET is currently undergoing review. This means that if someone makes the switch into solar power, they stand to reap the generous benefits of the current incentives; which may not be available in future. 

Sydney is the Premier Solar Energy City

The Feed in Tariffs – And the Rewards

For any surplus electricity that you feed back to the grid, you will be paid 8 cents per kilowatt-hour. This is one of the best investments in Sydney. This means that the investment can provide better returns as compared to other forms of investments. For instance, in Sydney alone, a system has an estimated rate of return of 18.9%, according to data from various sources. 

How Electric Bills Have Risen

In the period from June 2007 to the June of 2012, there have been an increase of a whooping 79% in the price of power in Sydney. The situation was not any better elsewhere in the state. Since then, every household has seen a rise of 11.8 – 12.6%; given the data up to June 2013. Projections show that in the 2013/14 financial year, the households will still have to dig deeper into their pockets.

Why Switch Today?

The state of NSW has been having the highest daytime prices for electricity; in the whole of Australia, with Melbourne coming a close second. If you couple this with the lowest prices for brands from world over, it is clear that the time to install the solar electricity equipment and to reap the benefits of a reduced electric bill is NOW. 

Using your power during the daylight hours can benefit you immensely. Did you know that the day rate of the NSW electricity is 35 cents per hour? This means that solar powered systems are bound to make a big difference in the energy bills.

When installing your clean energy system, it is important to look for strategic locations to be able to get the best results. Finding a good location can be one of the disadvantages of solar panels especially when installing in urban areas. Urban areas tend to have taller buildings that can obstruct the equipment from extracting the energy from the sun. The landscape of the area can also obstruct the the sun.

Apart from being more affordable than electricity, another advantage is the fact that the solar equipment is known to have a longer life span of about 20 years.

• The first thing to consider is your energy needs. Know whether you need to power lighting or for powering energy equipment. It is important to know this because different equipment is designed to serve different needs. There are some which are however designed to serve multi-energy needs. When looking into getting multi-energy solar power, you should always calculate just how much wattage you need so that you can pick the right equipment.

• You should get equipment that is durable. Look at the lifespan of the solar equipment before buying. Durable solar panels can help you save more money in the long run.

• You should also consider the place in which you want to put your system before buying. Pick a place that is direct to the sun and also closer to the building or equipment you want to power. You can consider getting a solar tracker to help you obtain enough sun light.