What Should You Know About Solar Hot Water Heaters?

Hot water is a basic necessity in almost every home. However, it can also raise your utility bills, and dent your monthly budget. There’s no need to use ineffective and high-power consuming heaters in your home. With a solar water system, you can not only reduce the bills, but also save the environment.


A solar hot water heating system is energy efficient for obtaining clean, hot water in your home. It can help you save a good amount of money on the utility bills. There are many different types of solar hot water systems, including evacuated tubes, close coupled, heat pumps and more. For some people, it can be quite difficult to choose an appropriate system for their home.

It is important to hire a professional solar water heater installer. In most cases, you can hire a plumber for the job. A professional will even help you choose the right system. Professionals can also help you with various things like installing mixer valves. This will ensure the water heater never reaches a dangerous temperature. In addition to this, boosters can ensure that you have hot, clean water on cloudiest, coldest days.


It is always better to have your solar water heating system installed by a professional plumber who’s licensed, insured and qualified. Moreover, professional plumbers should be familiar with eco-friendly practices and solar hot water heaters. When you hire a registered plumber to install the system, you will be eligible for State or Federal Government rebates.

Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Flat plate solar collectors can work on efficient copper pipes running through a glass covered collectors. In most cases, these are connected to a standard water storage tank on your roof. The Sun heats copper pipes, and hot water can be thermo-siphoned out of the storage tank of your solar water system.

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

As the name suggests, evacuated tubes consist two different glass tubes properly fused at the bottom and top. It is worth mentioning that the space between these two different tubes is evacuated to create a vacuum. A copper pipe (also called a heat pipe) runs through the centre of the glass tube. This pipe meets a common manifold that is easily connected to a slow flow circulation pump.

It pumps water to your storage tank. This provides you with hot water during the day. Solar hot water can also be used at night or even the next day. A solar hot water heater will be your best choice for your hot water needs.

Electric and Gas Boosters

Although the Sun can provide you with sufficient energy to obtain plenty of hot, clean water for most part of the year, there may be some extended periods of cold, cloud days. During these periods, your solar water heater will need some help. This can be provided by a gas booster or electricity system.

A solar hot water heater will be your best choice to fulfill hot water needs, and reduce your energy bills. Just make sure you hire a professional for installation.

The best reason to get solar water systems is the rebates that may be available in your State. Regardless of State-based rebates and initiatives, the Federal Government has a Solar-credits program which is part of the RET (Renewable Energy Target). Under the scheme residents who install solar hot water are still eligible for STCs. Systems are assigned an STC value depending on the system size, area it’s installed and other factors.Then the homeowner sells those STCs to carbon based energy producers who are required to purchse STCs to offset their power generation.

Essentially, this means that if you are forced to move from electric to a solar-electric hybrid system then you can get a helping hand from the federal government.